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Training and Materials

The County of San Bernardino, as an employer, is responsible for implementation of the Occupational Illness and Injury Prevention Program, its effectiveness and improvement, for ensuring safe working conditions, environment and practices, and for the training of all employees. With in-house staff and external partners, Risk Management provides training to employees on topics including safe driving, care of the back, ergonomics, heavy equipment operations, and other specialty operations to ensure the safety of the employee and control county risk exposures.

Arrowhead Achievement Program:

The Risk Control Division has developed an achievement and recognition program that uses today’s technology to assist departments in identifying and quantifying their losses and developing (or enhancing existing) risk control measures to control the frequency and severity of losses. The risk control measures are developed using the safety principles of engineering or administratively controlling risks or through personal protection means and are applied to other areas of risk, not otherwise employee related, such as property liability and insurance liability. Departments are recognized and incentivized for their efforts made addressing their identified exposures through a series of audits.

Reporting Procedures

Accident Investigation Procedure

The following are San Bernardino County programs, guidelines or procedures developed for county departments and/or operations.