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Insurance Related Organization (Workers’ Compensation and Liability)

American Academy of Insurance Medicine (AAIM)
Medical specialty organization advising insurance companies
Website: www.aaimedicine.org

American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS)
National insurance advisory organization
Website: www.aaisonline.com

American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds (AASCIF)
An association of workers’ compensation insurance companies
Website: www.aascif.org

American Insurance Association (AIA)
Property-casualty insurance trade organization
Website: www.aiadc.org/aiapub

California Self-Insurers Association (CSIA)
Oversight organization specializing in self-insured organizations
Website: www.caself-insurers.com

Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
Informational source for insurance fraud issues
Website: www.insurancefraud.org

National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)
Organization assisting state insurance regulators
Website: www.naic.org

National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) – Insurance U
Informational source for insurance issues
Website: www.insureuonline.org

Public Agency Risk Management Association (PARMA)
Organization advising in public agency risk management
Website: www.parma.com

Public Employer Risk Management Association, Inc. (PERMA)
Organization promoting safety in public agencies
Website: www.perma.dst.ca.us

Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA)
Association dedicated to public sector education
Website: www.primacentral.org

Society of Insurance Research (SIR)
Organization of insurance research practitioners
Website: www.sirnet.org

Workman’s Comp Service Center
Informational source on workers’ compensation matters
Website: www.workerscompensation.com